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Cert. Psych. Gabriel Ellis

Psychotherapy and Self-Development


Expat Therapy for Individuals and Couples

As a psychotherapist I usually work with expats, and am passionate to support their self-development and the development of their relationships. My work is solution-oriented, and to this end I facilitate a deep understanding of my clients' unconscious.


My work is pragmatic and draws elements from CBT, Depth Psychology, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and Systemic Psychology. I am an expat myself, a Buddhist scholar and practitioner, and I am fascinated by the possibilities of the human mind.


I was born into a Georgian-Jewish community in Israel in 1975 and moved with my family to Germany when I was six. There I grew up to be a psychology enthusiast, certified psychologist, business consultant, and therapist.


In 2012 I moved to Tbilisi, and since 2015 I am a citizen of Warsaw, working in private practice. Currently, I am  completing my PhD in Buddhist Studies, and publish a podcast on self-development


Growing up in several languages, cultures, countries, furthered by extensive travels, has enabled me to connect with people from different social and cultural backgrounds. I am glad to apply this flexibility in my work with expats who live in cross-cultural environments themselves.

Additionally, I apply my twenty years of meditation practice to the psychological work and also offer Buddhism-based Therapy. I have facilitated meditation groups and will further apply meditation concepts to therapy.

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Issues I work on:

  • complex life questions regarding work, family, or the future in general

  • depression and depressive episodes

  • anxiety, avoidance and stress


My approach:

  • pragmatic and non-judgemental

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

  • activating the unconscious

  • systemic approach: taking into account family, relationships, work, and friends

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Issues I work on:

  • alienation and disaffection

  • communication issues

  • lack of intimacy and sexuality

  • parenting problems


My approach:

  • with one motivated partner, or the couple

  • encouraging authentic communication

  • promoting mutual understanding through giving space to each other's perspective

  • expressing needs, desires, and wishes

  • tools to get physically and sexually close


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The Curious Mind


In audio essays and interviews I cover a wide range of topics and offer unorthodox perspectives - for expats and whoever is interested in psychology and self-development

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"Finding myself lost in a transitional phase of life, I was looking for a professional to talk to. I looked for someone with an evidence based approach but also open for a more existential perspective. In Gabriel Ellis I found the right person: a very attentive listener, both empathic and to the point, who could really meet me where I was at the time, and help me chart a way forward."  (Thomas, 41, university teacher)

„I contacted Gabriel in a very complicated moment of my life, especially in my marriage. His clear, pragmatic vision of the situation helped me to make sense of what was going on, and seeing the crisis as an opportunity to grow. I switched from being a victim of the circumstances to a more empowered role: I gained economic independence through opening my company, I changed my professional profile, but also I managed to put my marriage in a much healthier place. All of this wouldn't had been possible without Gabriel's advice.”  (Sofia)

"I’ve been working with Gabriel in order to deal with a few personal issues (my mother, relationship, health). In my work with him I have learnt through various exercises and techniques to calm down my aggression & self destructive habits. These days I see him mostly as a life coach (we work over Skype). He helps me identify what’s important to me, my desires, my challenges so I don’t look back and  regret what I did or didn't do. How to be less fearful and more empowered to live my true self. I’ve been with few therapists, but Gabriel has so far been awesome in helping me through some of the toughest challenges in my life. I’d recommend him to anyone who is seeking a healthy mental state and looking to grow into who they want to be."  (Ali, Finance & Technology)

"I went to Gabriel to work on solving the stress of my relationship with my father. Since then it has improved - giving me an ability to see things from my father’s point of view. Beyond that, Gabriel has helped with his entirely different approach to life - one that is based on his experiences, often inspired by Buddhism, and outside of my echo chamber. Often I have a resulting insight that leads to a final breakthrough with a challenge I have been working on for a long time. Nowadays, I work with Gabriel to help identify my value system and the beliefs and mis-beliefs I have about myself and others. In the end the work with him helped me to learn more about myself than I expected."  (Eva, marketing)

„As my professional and personal life was approaching a key transition period I looked for support on this journey and found it with Gabriel. Over the past few months Gabriel’s support was crucial in navigating through that difficult time. Sessions with Gabriel allowed me to take the necessary time and reflect in a safe-space on the key issues we identified at the beginning of the therapy.“  (Michael)

"Arriving to a new country, Gabriel proved to be an excellent family counsellor. We all went through personal challenges during this time. With two third-culture teenagers in a country where we did not speak the local language, it was enormously helpful to have a counsellor to speak with as we experienced the various ups and downs of the transition. Away from friends and family, Gabriel was an indispensable resource. He is a highly professional, intuitive guide who helped smooth the path of communication in our family."  (Jessica)

"Medicated for years and paralysed with fear, I hobbled along through life with a secret list of problems that weighed heavily and made a meaningful future seem out of reach. With his Zen-like demeanour, Gabriel was able to provide a warm and non-judgmental environment in order to help me explore and straighten out some damaging thoughts, beliefs and trying past experiences. His multicultural background and experience is extremely beneficial for any expat seeking help. His humanity truly shines through and he asks all the right questions to help you see things in a different light. I'm happy to say that today, with his invaluable help, I am medication-free and looking forward to whatever the future will bring."  (Manuel, educator)

"I started my therapy with Gabriel when I struggled with the failure of my business. From the first meeting I knew that he was well suited for my personality and situation at that time. Aside from the fact that Gabriel is competent in his field, his knowledge, approach and cross culture experiences helped me tremendously to untangle the frustration and confusion I had. He also showed me techniques on how to deal with my struggle. As a foreigner in Warsaw and from time to time struggling with the culture, it is great to know that I could go to Gabriel if I need a therapist who is professional, competent, and kind hearted."  (Anita)


Office (Monday-Saturday)

Aleja Waszyngtona 100

(tramstop 9 and 24 'Kinowa')


Zoom, Skype, Google Meet


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