Goodwill & Reaching Goals

It's a new year and as usual we had a little bit of quiet time, reflected upon our life and made our resolutions. It's a nice tradition, but we would be actually surprised if our resolutions came true - we meant it maybe the first few years, but not so much any more. It throws a light on the exertion of mere willpower: we can 'control ourselves' for a while but we can't just keep doing it for long. Can you imagine a Prime Minister trying to run the government all alone without any help? That's how it's like. So as regrettable as it is, we depend on the support and goodwill of many people to reach any important goal: family, partners, friends, colleagues, health, even adversaries. To get so much goodwill it's clear that we have to exercise goodwill as well. How is that for a new year resolution :)

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