'Dumping' Humanity

Recently I discussed with friends how annoying private life and its challenges is. At work we are constantly reminded to give our best, meet the goals, be more effective, envision new solutions etc. But when we go home or meet friends we hope to relax and be accepted as we are. We don't want to fake it, nor be bothered by more problems yet again. Alas, reality is that also our private life appears as work. Is there no rest anywhere to be found?! Fact is, that because we have to twist and bend for work or have other problems, we overburden our private life with expectations of relief. But family and friends are not there to take care of us, they give us the precious chance to feel human with all the fragmented notions that it brings. We don't have to dump our problems on our dear ones; we may 'dump' a bit of humanity on work instead...

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