Doubting the Bad Mood

Two kinds of instincts... When we feel good we easily find the right activity - we meet friends, go to a party, read a good book, joke around etc., and very often this activity makes us glad - a good instinct. When we feel bad this is a different story altogether. We mean well, but very often the things we do don't improve our mood or make things worse. We think that we're 'tired' and need to rest, or we try to brush it off and fake a good mood, as if we could just forget about it. The emptiness after such a fake stunt is usually worse - a bad instinct. It's strange that those two instincts can be of so different success. Even though it may be hard to change habits, it's good to keep in mind that in a bad mood you should doubt your 'bad-mood-instinct' and think twice before doing something about it.

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