Breaking Bad Habits

Discontent is a rich source for contemplation - where do we look for help, inside or outside? The distinctions are not even clear. And what is better, distraction or confrontation?... When we go beyond the next new trend ('mindfulness', nutrition, exercises) we end up confused again and wonder what we should try now. In moments like these we need 'safe' options. One of them is to become aware of the mental space I'm in. If I feel like being stuck in a tight elevator, it's hard to get a positive outlook. Then the first priority is 'move' into a airy spacious room with sunlight and big windows (metaphorically speaking). And I don't know how to do that, then it's helpful to literally leave the house, walk through streets I've never seen. Also to leave old habits, brush my teeth with the other hand, take a different road to work, etc. Breaking habits opens inner spaces. Open spaces give new perspectives - and just feel good...

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